What are brown spots on skin? (Including Photos!)

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So what exactly are brown spots? Excellent question, and one which is one of the most popular in our clinic. In this article, we'll explain what brown spots are, why they occur, suggestions on how to get rid of them as well as 3 real examples of results from products offered by Mayer Monroe.
Brown spots are important to discuss because for some people they can be particularly distressing. Especially if a person cares about their appearance and they have developed after a change in their hormones/pregnancy.
Generally, brown spots affect women more than men, however, men particularly as they get older can be affected by brown spots too. Older people are generally more likely to have brown patches on their skin as they accumulate more exposure to the sun (the number one cause of skin ageing).
So let's get started...
As you can see below, the lady was suffering from large patches of pigmentation on her face, and after receiving a tailored treatment plan, she was able to get a wonderful effect that made the hyperpigmentation less intense.
Before and after photo of a middle-aged woman who received a treatment plan for brown spots and hyperpigmentation.

What are Brown Spots? What is Hyperpigmentation?

Brown spots also known as 'Hyperpigmentation' is the reaction of the skin to illness or injury. Don't panic, when we say 'injury', do not worry. This damage is caused by harmful UV rays from the sun. Brown spots can also develop due to hormonal changes, particularly during pregnancy. This is referred to as melasma also known as chloasma.
A picture of various colours to indicate the different brown spots shades people can have.
When clients use our online skincare clinic, it's unlikely they'd ask questions like 'What causes skin pigmentation?' or 'How do I get rid of pigmentation on my face?', instead they'd likely ask 'How do I get rid of these brown patches on my face and head?' And what causes these brown spots and patches? 

Why do Brown Spots appear?

Brown spots develop for a variety of reasons as we will explain below, but the number one cause of brown spots (hyperpigmentation) liver spots and freckles is the sun ~. If you have been reading our magazine for a while, you may feel as though we unduly criticise the sun, but trust us, protect your skin from the sun if you want to avoid skin ageing, and reduce the development of brown spots and patches.

Areas that are particularly prone to age spots, are the neck, back of hands and face, including the forehead. - Dr Barbara Bromley (Medical Director of Mayer Monroe)
Hyperpigmentation is simply a fancy word to categorize a number of different skin conditions where the person's skin has become noticeably darker than the other areas around it. This darkening of the skin can occur because of acne scarring, inflammation, certain medications and other conditions. That being said, the main cause of this hyperpigmentation and brown spots is the harmful UV rays from the sun. These rays hit the skin often on a daily basis (and through glass and clouds!) and cause changes in the skin's appearance from mild brown patches and freckles to more severe moles and skin cancer.

Melasma/Chloasma (Mask of Pregnancy)

One particular condition of hyperpigmentation that we see in our clinic is melasma. It can also be referred to as chloasma or "the mask of pregnancy". Melasma appears pretty much identical to other forms of hyperpigmentation but the cause is different. As we have learned, the sun is a leading cause of hyperpigmentation. However, melasma is different. The reason is, that it is caused primarily by changes in hormones. This can often occur during pregnancy and therefore has the slang term of "the mask of pregnancy". Women who have had a child come to our clinic for advice and treatment plans, to help reduce the brown patches that have developed on their faces.
 Approximately 5 million Americans πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ and 1 million Brits πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ are affected by melasma.
A brown spot coloured terrain to show the visitor different shades and types of skin colour.


How to get rid of Brown Spots

Now we understand a bit about why brown spots develop, it seems worthwhile to look at how we can get rid of brown spots if they're causing us distress or we just want them gone to restore our appearance.
Straight off the bat, Mayer Monroe offers specific treatment plans for hyperpigmentation, including melasma. You can find out more information here ~. And if you want to see some more before and after photos after this article, you can click here.
Now that is out of the way, it's worth noting that the majority of cases of hyperpigmentation are harmless and it's often a person's decision whether they want to remove the intensity or area of the brown patches.
Topical creams, Vitamin C and other surgical and non-surgical treatments can help reduce brown spots. To keep this article brief, we'll examine the effect of topical creams and Vitamin C.

Medical Grade Skincare Options

It is also worth noting that prescription-strength options can be highly effective against hyperpigmentation when compared to OTC (Over-The-Counter) products. All the practitioners at Mayer Monroe are medically trained and are able to prescribe prescription-strength products where appropriate.
A doctor during a skincare consultation with a client to discuss brown spots and hyperpigmentation.


# Real Results of Brown Spots Treatment Plans

Here are some examples showing the results people can get by consistently sticking to a treatment plan of products.

Before and After Photos - Example #1

Before and after photo of a woman in her 30's or 40's who received a treatment plan for brown spots and hyperpigmentation.

Before and After Photos - Example #2

Before and after photo of a blonde woman who had received a treatment plan for hyperpigmentation.

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# Tips + Reminders for Brown Spots

 Here are some summary tips and points from this article:
  1. Wear sufficient sun protection!
  2. 80% of skin ageing is the sun
  3. The majority of hyperpigmentation cases are harmless
  4. However, if you are concerned about a particular area, speak to a specialist
  5. Consistent application of topical creams in a treatment plan can help significantly
  6. Hyperpigmentation is a catch-all phrase for a range of different conditions
  7. Melasma (Chloasma) is a specific type of hyperpigmentation brought on by hormonal changes, often pregnancy also known as The Mask of Pregnancy
  8. Last but not least, there is likely a solution that could help your/a loved one's hyperpigmentation  


That wraps up this article on brown spots, melasma and hyperpigmentation. We hope you've enjoyed reading it. If you'd like to get exclusive updates to when we release more articles like this one, subscribe below.

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"If there is only one product you use in your skincare regime, make it your sunscreen!" - Dr Barbara Bromley (Mayer Monroe Medical Director)
Looking for more information on brown spots/hyperpigmentation? You can view our Ultimate Guide To Pigmentation here.
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