Dr Barbara

Medical Director

Dr Barbara has over 30 years of experience as a doctor. Her main focus is to help client's nurture their natural beauty. In her spare time she loves cooking, going to the gym, and spending time with her family.

Dr Barbara's Interests

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"I have always had an interest in things that are aesthetically pleasing" - Dr Barbara

Q & A with Dr Barbara


How did you initially get interested in Aesthetic Medicine?

Answer: It's quite a funny story. When I was working as a GP, a patient of mine, said to me "You're amazing at injections, I hardly feel a thing" when I was injecting her knee. After this we got chatting and she said she goes to Harley Street, London for Botox, and had I ever considered training. From there is just really blossomed.

Why are you passionate about Aesthetics treatments?

Answer: Truth be told, when I first learned about Aesthetics treatments, I was a bit dubious. However, the more I learned and after my training, it gave me a passion, even after the age of 60!

What has been your proudest moment working in Aesthetics and skincare?

Answer: I worked with a client on an issue she had with a gummy smile. I injected Botox into the affected areas, and the result we got together was honestly, amazing. I was even surprised myself how good the result we achieved. I was proud of my work, but the feeling it gave me seeing my client so happy, was even greater.

Benefit to clients

Dr Barbara's passion for Aesthetic Medicine is beneficial to clients because she continually keeps up to date with her CPD (Continuous Professional Development), and researches new medical research and treatments, to ensure safe and premium quality outcomes.



"Being a doctor, doesn't make me feel special. Quite often I like clients to just call me 'Barbara' " - Dr Barbara

Q & A with Dr Barbara


Why did you become a Doctor?

Answer: I never became a doctor for the money or the prestige. Those never interested me. I think coming from such a large family (7 siblings), i've always wanted to help people and care for others.

What's your favourite thing about being a Doctor?

Answer: The mental stimulation I get from working with patients and clients. Going through the process of getting to know them and understanding the challenges they face, into how I can help keeps my work interesting.

If you could redo your career, what would you be instead of a Doctor?

Answer: I love experimenting with the decor of my home. So, probably a home interior designer would've been my second career choice.

Benefit to clients

Dr Barbara has 30+ years as a doctor, with a deep understanding of facial anatomy. Including, the skeletal structure, muscular anatomy as well as the locations of arteries and veins within the face. Overall, with such deep medical insight, this allows Dr Barbara to provide the best service possible to her clients.


"The gym for me is something that I never regret after it. I always feel more energised and positive after a Body BalanceTM session." - Dr Barbara

Q & A with Dr Barbara


Have you always been sporty or is it something you developed later in life?

Answer: I've always been quite sporty. I used to be a very good swimmer when I was younger, but now I mainly go to the gym. Although, my favourite holidays are skiing!

Do you go to a gym or sports club?

Answer: I go to David Lloyd and love the classes they do there. Although, during the 2020 pandemic when everyone was struggling with the gyms being closed, I had to adapt my routine to doing home workouts and my favourite online YouTube video is Yoga with Adrienne - she's great!

What would your advice be to people about getting into the gym?

Answer: Get your gym outfit on. Once you have your gym clothes on the chances of you actually getting to the gym are greatly improved. It acts as a mental trigger to win that battle and the next minute you're in the gym working out.

Benefit to clients

Dr Barbara advocates a wholistic approach to skincare and wellbeing. Overall physical and mental health are huge factors in skin health. Keeping herself fit and healthy, means she has never missed an appointment with a client due to illness.

Cooking & Diet

"The kitchen is my sanctuary. I love spending time in there cooking and baking. Most socialising happens in the kitchen in our home." - Dr Barbara

Q & A with Dr Barbara


What is the last thing you cooked that went well?

Answer: It's a bit of a sneaky answer, because it's a dessert but it is a traditional German apple cake I cook. I am regularly flattered by my friends compliments of it.

What was the last thing you cooked that was a disaster?

Answer: It was a duck dish. I've cooked it before and it was delicious, but unfortunately this time around, the duck had gone 'off'. I was rather embarrassed but luckily I was only cooking for my husband and son, and they were quick to forgive as we smelt it before we ate it ha!

What would your one piece of advice to a client be regarding diet?

Answer: Drink lots of water! Drinking lots of water, will help keep your skin clear, but also, keep you mentally clear. Dehydration is a big factor in feeling lethargic after lunchtime. Also, kale, kale is great.

Benefit to clients

Dr Barbara's passion for cooking and medical understanding of diet, provides extra value to her clients during their consultations. Barbara, will discuss with clients the importance of eating healthy and the impact that has on skin. For example, certain food types have been shown to exacerbate conditions like acne and rosacea.

Arts & Design

"I'm regularly surprised how often I notice links between my experience in art and design, show itself in the work I do with clients." - Dr Barbara

Q & A with Dr Barbara


Is it true you also completed an Arts & Graphic design degree before becoming a Doctor?

Answer: Yes, not many people know that about me. Even some of my friends are not aware. But yes, I studied for 4 years and completed an Arts degree before I completed my Medicine degree.

What was the last thing you painted?

Answer: I painted a picture of an apple. It doesn't sound like much, but my family said the result was amazing. I struggle to see the quality as I have a critical eye of my own work.

Who is your favourite artists?

Answer: I wouldn't say I have a favourite artist, but last year the family went to Barcelona and I thought the Antoni Gaudí architecture was beautiful.

Benefit to clients

Dr Barbara's eye for what would look good for clients and her ability to make constructive suggestions is improved because of her combined degree in both medicine and arts.


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"I love working in skincare, because anything new I learn that I share with clients, I also work into my own skincare routine." - Dr Barbara

Q & A with Dr Barbara


What is your favourite skincare brand?

Answer: I don't have a favourite brand. I mix and match my skincare products, and some brands I fall out of love with and others I fall in love with. As I've gotten older, products from certain brands no longer suit my needs, and products from other brands better help my skincare goals.

Why are you so passionate about skincare?

Answer: I'm not exactly sure where I picked up my passion for skincare. Ever since I was a little girl, I just thought that taking care of my skin (especially my face) was important and should be part of my daily routine.

What is the most important skincare product a person should have?

Answer: This is an easy one - Sunscreen! And it should have at least Factor SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 30.  Whoever, reads this, please wear your sun protection! Your skin will thank you endlessly.

Benefit to clients

Dr Barbara, has had a long history of a private interest in skincare, long before she went into a career in it. She uses her medical knowledge to critically appraise the efficacy of a product and whether it's worth the price. Clients of mayer | monroe get access to Barbara's honest feedback and opinion of skincare products. Often she will only recommend products that she herself has used and received great results.