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What is ROSACEA?

Rosacea affects up to 1 in 10 of us, and is a long-lasting inflammatory skin condition that mainly affects the skin on our faces. It’s most commonly found in people with lighter skin tones (though it can affect any skin tone) and while it can develop at any age, usually affects people after the age of 30.

The main symptoms of rosacea are flushing, redness, spots and dilated blood vessels. It usually affects the centre of the face, but it can also affect the eyes, too. The underlying cause of rosacea is complex and not fully understood, but it’s thought to be influenced by several factors. These include genetics, the immune system, micro-organisms (like the Demodex mite), damage from ultraviolet light and dysfunction of blood vessels.


Our personalised treatments are designed to treat the spots (papules and pustules) and redness of rosacea to help you achieve clear skin and prevent future flare-ups. There are a wide variety of different treatments for rosacea, depending on your symptoms. Topical treatments (creams and gels) are usually the first choice for treating rosacea that’s mild to moderate in its severity.

We use active ingredients with decades of evidence in treating rosacea – chosen specifically for your skin type and your skin goals. If you’re eligible for treatment, your personalised solution might include Metronidazole, Azelaic Acid and Niacinamide.

What types of rosacea do you treat?
Currently, we offer treatments for the spots (also known as papules and pustules) and redness associated with rosacea. If you suffer from rosacea that causes redness or dilated blood vessels with no spots, thickening of the skin of your nose (phymatous rosacea) or affects your eyes (ocular rosacea), we’re not currently able to offer you treatment for this. While we’d love to be able to help you, in this situation, we’d advise that you see your GP or dermatologist.
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Treatment Plans

The treatment plans created at Mayer Monroe are specifically designed for each client. The results speak for themselves.


How much is the consultation?

  • Absolutely!
  • There is no pressure to proceed after your plan has been created

How many products come in the system?

3 Products
  • For most clients, there are 3 rosacea-focused products  
  • The combined effect of the products gives the best results

What does the price include?

Plan + Product + Service
  • The cost covers the full service of a tailored treatment plan, the products and the clinician's service
  • Each system and treatment plan is unique to each client

When should I see good results?

21 Days minimum
  • Skin needs time to adapt to the new products
  • Skincare cycles can take as long as 60 or even 90 days to produce good results

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