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Age Spots


Learn more about age spots and how Obagi products can help


Causes and Treatment for Age Spots

As your skin ages and is exposed to UVA & UVB rays, the rate at which new skin cells develop slows down. As a result, the balance of new skin cells versus old changes. Additionally, collagen and elastin begin to break down, causing the skin to lose resilience.

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Hyperpigmentation Causes

Pigmentation is a formal word for the appearance of brown spots on a person's skin. Many of our clients come to us with pigmentation on different areas of their bodies and with varying severity.

❖ Sometimes, the appearance of pigmentation can be rather distressing for a client, particularly in a modern society that places a high emphasis on blemish free and flawless skin.

Two Primary Types of Pigmentation

❖ There are 2 primary types of pigmentation:
1) Melasma and Chloasma
2) Age Spots, known medically as “Solar Lentigines”

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Tanning Truths

❖  Age spots also referred to as solar lentigines and “liver spots”, are areas of the skin that are brown in appearance. This skin discolouration is caused by exposure to the sun.

❖  Age spots can occur in all skin tones but generally affect those with lighter skin tones, e.g. Fitzpatrick I, II or III.

❖  Common areas for age spots include the face, chest, forearms and the back of hands. Unsurprisingly, this is because these areas are generally most exposed to UV rays. As a person gets older, these age spots will become more pronounced.

❖  In most cases of age spots, other tell-tale signs of sun exposure will also be present, such as lines and wrinkles.

Areas that are particularly prone to age spots, are the neck, back of hands and face, including the forehead.

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Age Spots Answers

Age Spots Treatments

Now you have seen the treatments for melasma, you may notice that the treatments for age spots are very similar.

Creams & Gels

A commonly designated option in our treatment plans for age spots is retinoid and hydroquinone creams. We do advise our clients that the benefit may take 90 days to become apparent, during which period we monitor their progress. Prescription-strength tretinoin has a large body of scientific evidence to back its efficacy and has produced some tremendous results for mayer | monroe clients.

Chemical Peels

The chemical peels applied for people with melasma or age spots are interchangeable.

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I feel so fresh faced, younger and so much more confident

"I cannot believe after years of feeling I had to just accept that the marks on my face were now part of me, that today, after just 6 weeks of non-invasive, quick, simple and easy treatments I feel so fresh faced, younger and so much more confident. ...I just want to share with those people who also suffer with pigmentation that there is a way to clear your skin." - Rachel Lugo @rachellugo1


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