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Oily Skin


Learn more about greasy skin and how Obagi products can help

Obagi Specifically Designed for Greasy Skin

Many patients report feeling and seeing they have greasy skin. All skin types whether they are normal, dry, combination or oily create sebum/oil. This is perfectly normal and healthy. In fact, it is necessary for the skin to perform it’s helpful functions.

However, the speed at which it produces oil is what can lead to greasy skin. At a molecular level the glands that produce sebum are over-producing. This causes the substance to migrate upwards through the pores and onto the surface.

Below we explore all about greasy skin and the products available to help.

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The Challenges of Greasy Skin

The shininess and greasiness often talked about is caused by the over stimulation of the sebaceous glands. Because of this, they make more sebum and when it lands on the surface of the skin, it causes the greasy looking appearance.

SEBUM – What is it?

Sebum is a naturally produced substance that is yellowy in appearance. It has a texture of oil and feels sticky when touched. It is produced during the day and night and it cover the majority of the human body. The issue arises for some patients when the production becomes excessive.

Skin that has over-abundance of sebum can also suffer from acne conditions.

Triggers and Factors causing Sebum Over Production:

  • Emotional, mental and physical stress
  • Certain soaps and washes
  • Frequency someone cleanses their skin
  • Intensity someone washes their skin
  • Diet has also been shown to affect it

The Problem With Oily Skin



Treatments for Greasy Skin

Obagi WomanAbove you will have seen the diagram showing the structure of the skin and how the pores and skin’s surface combine. What is important to know is that sebum is produced deep in the skin and then naturally moves upward towards the top surface.

Because of the deep starting location of the sebum and oil glands, it means that a lot of the over-the-counter (not needing a prescription) products struggle to penetrate deep enough to address the issue of greasy skin.

Scientists at Obagi Medical Laboratories designed the Nu-Derm® Fx System and Obagi-C® Fx System to dive deep into the skin’s structure and target the problem areas.

Both systems come in a Normal-To-Oily version, which is specifically designed for greasy and oily skin.


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