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Oily Skin


Learn how Obagi Medical Skincare products can help with oily skin

Oily Skin and Obagi Skincare Products

Overactive sebaceous glands in the skin are one of the primary reasons for the occurrence of oily skin. The amount of sebum produced is above average, resulting in the appearance and texture of oily skin.

Sebum is a perfectly normal and healthy component of the human body. The issues arise when the body's quantity is excessive, leading to oily skin.

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The Challenges of Oily Skin

The best place to start the explanation of the challenges with Oily Skin is to understand sebum.

What exactly is sebum?

Sebum is one of the most important components of a healthy functioning skin. This substance is often misunderstood as being a negative component of healthy skin. The opposite is true. Without sebum, a person's skin would have little to no moisture and severe health implications would occur.

The challenge for some patients is when their body produces an amount that is higher than what they consider comfortable.

It is effectively the human body's natural oil. It moisturizes and protects. However, an oversupply of sebum can lead to an unpleasant appearance of the skin. These include a waxy appearance and/or acne.

The Problem With Oily Skin



Treatments for Oily Skin

Obagi WomanThe sebaceous glands that produce sebum are located in the deep parts of the skin. This makes them notoriously difficult to treat. This is especially true of over-the-counter products (products that don't require a prescription).
 Because of this deep-rooted and difficult location, it means that a more targeted approach is needed. 
Obagi Medical Products has a deep history in the pharmaceutical industry and has spent decades researching the skin structure and how to target these deep areas. 
Researchers at the Obagi laboratories designed two specific ranges of products to target and deal with Oily Skin. The first is the Nu-Derm® Fx System, and the second is the Obagi-C® Fx System
In addition, both systems are customized for Normal-To-Oily skin types. Book a chat with one of our Obagi experts today to explain your skin and whether these systems can help.


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