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All about the Obagi products specifically made for sensitive skin

Sensitive Skin and the Medical-Grade Products 

Sensitive skin is likely to affect everyone of all Fitzpatrick Skin Types at one stage or another in their life. The sensitivity can occur almost independently whether they have normal, dry, oily or combination skin. Here we explore the causes of sensitive skin, the various products available and a recommendation at the end.

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Causes of Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can occur for many different reasons as well as duration. Some people experience short bouts of sensitive skin, for example in the winter months when the cold air dries and crack the skin. Whereas others can have much longer-lasting sensitive skin.

For example, people with chronic Rosacea can have extremely sensitive skin that last all year round.

It makes sense because of rosacea's distinctive visual symptoms, such as the redness on a person’s nose, chin, cheeks or forehead.

Rosacea is one of the most common reasons why people come for a consultation. Naturally, there are varying degrees of rosacea. Some of patients are very self-conscious, whereas others only see it is a minor skin condition.

Common Triggers For Sensitive Skin:

  • Sunlight – it can trigger effects in 80% of rosacea suffers
  • Emotional stress
  • Changes or extremes of temperature including the wind
  • Exercise
  • Diet including alcohol, cheese and spicy food
  • Hot drinks
  • Some skincare or cosmetic products

Having a good understanding of the triggers that make skin more sensitive is important. But equally important is using skincare products that have been developed with people with sensitive skin in mind.

Sensitive Skin Condition Anatomy



Managing Sensitive Skin

The products in the Obagi Medical System range have been purposefully designed to work with sensitive skin. Rigorous testing and analysis have gone into each of the ingredients and the effect on sensitive skin.

Two of Obagi’s main skincare systems, the Obagi Nu-Derm® Fx Systems and Obagi-C® Fx Systems have versions available for sensitive skin.

In addition, two of the most popular hydrators among patients with sensitive skin include the Obagi Hydrate and the Obagi Hydrate Luxe. Both are extremely effective at easing sensitive skin and, when used together, have produced outstanding results.

Obagi Sensitive Skin Woman



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